Silal Mirjam El-Saleh

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Originally from the South of Germany I received my Bachelor degree in Tübingen, where I focused on marine ecology and molecular biology. After a year of gaining experience in the marine conservation field as an intern in Egypt and South Africa I followed my passion to learn more about how to efficiently conserve the marine biodiversity by participating in the international Master´s program “Marine Biodiversity and Conservation”. This program involved to study ten months in the University of Algarve, Portugal, followed by the third semester in France (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) travelling between the marine stations Roscoff and Banyuls sur Mer and finally, performing my final thesis project in Mexico with Pelagios Kakunjá. Here, I focus my special attention on sharks, as important key factors of healthy ecosystems. My thesis project aims to prove the changing abundance of sharks in Cabo Pulmo National Park.


    Silal Mirjam El-Saleh

    Correo electrónico:


    Academic Status:

    2013 – Bachelor of Science, Biology         University of Tübingen, Germany


    Academic Interests:

    Elasmobranch research (ecological and molecular);


    Implementation of Marine Reserves, their socio-economic and environmental effects



    2016 (January-June): Internship at Pelagios Kakunjá for the development of the project Shark abundance in Cabo Pulmo National Park from 1970 to today as well as the temporal and spatial usage of the park


    2014-2016: Master´s program International Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. Lectures on first year in University of Algarve (Portugal) and spring school in Tjärnö, Sweden. Second year enrolled in University Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonnes, France), travelling between Marine Stations of Roscoff and Banylus-sur-Mer for Lectures.


    Thesis project: “Marine Biodiversity and Conservation”, Mexico (Supervisor: Dr. Rui Rosa, Dr. Mauricio Hoyos, Dr. James Ketchum), Shark abundance in Cabo Pulmo National Park from 1970 to today as well as the temporal and spatial usage of the park


    Combining three methodologies (terrestrial census, acoustic telemetry and questionaires), my goal is to provide a meaningful base of shark abundance within the last 50 years as well as their current temporal and spatial usage of the Cabo Pulmo National Park (CPNP). Still highly threatened by fisheries, people start to understand the value of living sharks as tourist attractions. With my project I hope to provide information to adapt the Management Plan to the increase of shark abundance along with increasing ecotourism in CPNP.


    2015: Intern at CCMAR of the University Algarve, Portugal (Supervisor: Dr. Jorge Palma):

    Feeding patterns of H. hippocampus in captivity


    2014: Intern at the Red Sea Environmental Center, Egypt (Supervisor: Nina Milton):

    Long term Reef Monitoring project by SCUBA Diving


    2012-2013: Research Assistant, Center for Molecular Biology of Plants, Tübingen, Germany (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt):

    Cellular and genetic effects of sterility mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana


    2013: Intern at OCEANs RESEARCH, South Africa (Supervisor: Dr. Enrico Gennari and Ryan Johnson):

    Photo identification of the Great White Shark (C. carcharias) Population of Mosselbay, Assisting in several experiments with benthic sharks



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