Records of White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias , in the Gulf of California, Mexico

Felipe Galván-Magaña, Edgar Mauricio Hoyos-Padilla, Carlos J. Navarro-Serment and Fernando Márquez-Farías.


Marine Biodiversity Records, 2010, 3.






The white shark is known to inhabit the Gulf of California, but few published records exist for the most frequent localities of captures or sightings of this protected and relatively uncommon shark in Gulf waters. We have compiled and here report 38 records of white shark captures and reliable sightings for the Gulf. Records include individuals caught as by-catch by shrimp trawlers and gill-nets, and several sightings by divers or at fishing camps with corroborating photographs or sets of jaws (teeth). The main locations of occurrence were El Golfo de Santa Clara (13 records), followed by Santa Rosalía (4), and San Pedro Mártir and San Pedro Nolasco Islands (3 each). Presence of juveniles (,300 cm total length) was highest from January to May (10 records); whereas in July and October only two juveniles were recorded. Adults were more common from December to May (8 records); whereas from June to October there were fewer (5). Human induced threats and conservation of the white shark in the Mexican Pacific are briefly discussed.




White shark, Carcharodon carcharias, by-catch, sightings, Gulf of California




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